Favourite (fashion) web shops

Online shopping, I’m a sucker for it. I love the idea that you can just stay at home on the couch (in PJ’s or not, you decide!), click away and a few days later a package is delivered right to your door. Feels like Christmas every time!

Especially when I’m looking for a specific piece of clothing or during sales shopping, I prefer my online stores.

So I’m here today to share some of my favourite web shops with you today:

1. When you want everything in one place:


They have everything for every style! Really, here you can buy their own very affordable brand and more high-end brands. All in one space! I have a permanent wish list for this site… (oh and: free shipping!)


Found this Essentiel Antwerp tee on sale on Asos


Currently on my wish list


Currently on my wish list


& Other Stories

I know they recently opened two stores in Belgium, but I don’t mind paying a little extra shipping to find all of their lovely goodies in one place.

And the packages are really pretty!

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Lily And The Lady

Belgium-based online store, with a beautiful selection of qualitative pieces. They give special attention to Belgian brands.


For fun fashion and cute dresses!


Sorry, not sorry

2. When you want to score a good deal:


This site offers temporary private sales of well-known brands with large discounts. You have to check it every day, but that’s well worth it!

The Outnet

The discount site of Net-A-Porter. Still quite out of my price range but really interesting if you’re looking for a timeless designer piece.

3. When you want to drool all over your computer:


All of the luxury designers, need I say more?



Happy shopping!




Hotspot: Wasbar

I have some great news! I found a lovely partner in crime: JASMIJN! She already did some blogging which you can read here and here. But from now on we will handle everything fashion and fun on otherinfinities together! During the next few months we will change some stuff around here and keep you up-to-date!

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Celebrating our partnership with frappé’s and smoothies!

Yesterday we had our first meeting in my new favorite place: Wasbar Kortrijk! I used to be the first one to complain about the lack of nice bars in my town but it keeps getting better with this Wasbar as the cherry on the cake! I’m in love with the interior: PASTELS! Also think: great chairs, wooden boxes as a table and of course some washing machines.

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Our favorite drinks are the ‘Sinaas-gember’ juice and the smoothie ‘watermelon and strawberry’. But you need to try the Wasbar Wafel as well: with some fruit, sugar, whipped cream and free toppings!

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My watermelon and strawberry smoothie

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The Wasbar Wafel!

Do you guys remember my love for Komono? Turns out Wasbar is a huge fan as well. You can buy a selection of the Komono sunnies and watches over there! One bar with all my favorite things!

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To Buy: ‘Trek je plan in 50 stappen’ – a gift for the boyfriends, anyone?



Lille and new shoes

Yesterday Lisa invited me on a daytrip to Lille. It was a sunny and lovely afternoon. We –you can call us Team Paris- had so much fun.

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Me and my Komono sunglasses are inseparable now.

The best part of the day was – weird enough – the fact that I can’t wear heels. But Lisa is a model and very tall, I’m a little troll walking next to her. So I put on my Mary Janes anyway.

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Fluo Cambridge bag, Komono watch, Shoe Discount Mary Janes

After an hour walking I needed another pair of shoes, I’m such a dork. So we ran into the H&M and there I found these beauties:

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The halfway Dr. Martens were high on my wish list but now I found the perfect alternative – which means: much cheaper!

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Only € 24,99!

Note to self: need to buy Lisa a hat!

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Brand Crush: KOMONO

I’m back! I’ve had some great holidays with my boyfriend, soon more ‘bout that. But now I have to tell you all about my new ‘Brand Crush’!

My love and I, enjoying the sun in Amsterdam.

Ever since I was a little girl I hated ‘telling time’ at school. I always needed extra lessons and I decided to NEVER EVER WEAR A WATCH. But then there was KOMONO with their awesome and affordable collection. And then there was a trip to Amsterdam with the best boyfriend and this is the result:

Moneypenny Metallic in Rose Gold – € 49,95, Bracelet ‘The Darling’ - € 8

I got the Moneypenny Metallic one in rose gold. Don’t ask me what time it is tough, but you can ask me were my watch comes from anytime!

@ Coffeecompany in Amsterdam, enjoying my KOMONO goodies!

As I told you before, Amsterdam (my second favorite place in the world now – nothing can beat Paris) was the fashion crime scene. They sold KOMONO in a lot of stores so I bought these new sunnies as well!

10559720_10203500939258560_3665865232036396135_n 10590532_10203469564074200_1713793830873424621_n


Big earrings and sneakers

Owning a white blouse in your wardrobe is almost as necessary as a LBD! I found the perfect one a while ago at Pull and Bear; wide and a little cropped. Don’t mind the wrinkles please, my iron is not my best friend…

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Shirt: Pull and Bear
Skinny: Pull and Bear
Necklace: H&M
Earrings: H&M
Sneakers: Nike