Ever since I was a little girl I shared the fascination for ‘Big Cities’ with my dad. Every saturday we drove to Brussels, Antwerp, Lille, Hasselt,… to get lost in the city streets. As my dad passed away last year, I can’t even explain how much I miss this. Together with him I lost my heart in Antwerp where we enjoyed so many exhebitions, summer afternoons or even the movies.

Me enjoying the sun in Antwerp when I was a little girl

The Meir

Today I’m gonna tell you all about my favorite fashion spots over there. When you visit Antwerp by train you need to cross the Meir. I know this is a busy boulevard with lots of mainstream shops but when there, these are the stores you want to give a shot:

Sissy Boy

A very refreshing lifestyle and fashion store for you, him and the mini me’s.


When the budget is rather low: DON’T ENTER! This is a big store full of yummie brands as Marc by Marc Jacobs, Moschino, MSGM,…

Princess, Meir 51, 2000 Antwerpen


In one of the side streets you will find 8tea5 for a great Bubble Tea. Pick your flavour, pick your bubbles and enjoy!

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8tea5, Korte Klarenstraat 15 2000 Antwerpen

Nationale Straat


Before you go to the ‘Nationale Straat’, you must visit Caffènation for a delicious cup of coffee! You can also buy some coffee beans which made my boyfriend very happy!

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Inknits Winter Store

For now, as this is a pop-up store, this is my favorite place to shop! These handmade scarfs, hats and sweaters all have a beautiful story behind them, go and read all about that here. The store itself is clean and cosy at the same time, worth visiting!

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Inknits Winter Store, Nationale Straat 79 2000 Antwerpen, This is my new favorite beanie!

Jutka & Riska

I’m a huge fan of Jutka & Riska! The mix of their own collection and the vintage pieces really works. On top of that, their accessories are to die for. My dressing is full of them. Earrings, necklaces and rings are all very qualitative and original.

Jutka & Riska, Nationale Straat 87 2000 Antwerpen


In this area you need to check out these places:

AF Vandevorst Flagship Store

They opened their very first flagship store and it’s beautiful! As the collection is very expensive, I only got the chance to give it a look and a feel. But SERIOUSLY, those caps and boots!!



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Beautiful store with the best Sessùn pieces you can imagine!

IMG_7291 IMG_7292
Fresh, Stijfselstraat 5 2000 Antwerpen

Pitten & Bonen

For a healthy lunch, this is the place to be!

Korte Gasthuisstraat

Two of my all-time favorites right across each other:


Don’t forget to check out their necklaces, socks and children’s collection!

&Other Stories

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With the awesome Lykke Li collab now in stores!


Oh how I love this street. It’s hard to select just a few cool places here but I’ll give it a try:

Sienna & Lois

A stylish boutique where ‘Urban city chic meets vintage’. I’m a fan!





I recently discovered LOT. And I love it! What a lovely collection: colorful skirts, cosy sweaters and nice cluthces or iPhone covers… LOT offers you all you need!




Such a cosy corner in Antwerp. A little shopping and a nice drink to end your day!

Clouds Of Fashion

A young girl opened her own store with a great mix of accessories and clothes!

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My pick!

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Clouds Of Fashion, Melkmarkt 6 2000 Antwerpen

De Muze

End your day in this jazz bar with your friends!

See you in Antwerp,




Winter Coat

Is it too early to start thinking about winter outfits yet? Winter is my favourite season with the holidays and all. I don’t mind the cold temperatures because I feel that it gives much more outfit opportunities (layers, layers and more layers).

This fall/winter season one of the biggest trends is oversized, comfy wear in soft materials. It was a look that a lot of big names showed for this season. Last year we already saw a lot of fluffy materials and it looks like this trend is here to stay


The Row f/w2014


MSGM f/w2014


Gucci f/w2014

I had been looking for a furry coat for a while now and last week I found the perfect one for me at Primark.

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So while I’m enjoying these last beautiful summer days, I cannot wait to snuggle up in my portable teddy.



The Fashion Week Issue: Lisa Verberght

Fashion Weeks are going hard. I catched up with my lovely Lisa (topmodel) and asked her some questions about the fashion rollercoster during september!


Fashion Week go-to shoes

My black classic COS shoes. Because they look very chic and they are sooo comfortable! Every time fashion week is coming I buy a new pair of shoes and I really want to wear them during that time, but it’s almost impossible because you need enough time to walk the shoes in properly. In order to keep my feet safe and ready for the fashion week. I don’t think it’s a great idea to run around in new shoes.

Three purse essentials

I carry around a lot of stuff with me everywhere but, apart from my casting stuff (high heels and my portfolio) I will always carry a book around just in case I’m bored and I want to read something. My iPhone charger or a spare battery thing. And of course my small camera, you never know when you’ll bumb into some celebrity! Oh and lipbalm (I know that’s four but never forget the lipbalm!)

Partner in crime

Of course that must be you! Fashion week ends in Paris where I’ll meet my best friend ever. For real, this girl is crazy and knows how to cheer me up especially because the last days of fashion week are hard but you’ll never get bored with this girl around! Can’t wait to see you!

Biggest Fashion Week blooper

I don’t think I really have one.. I’ll get back to you if something happens haha

Unwind after a day of shows

After a long day I try to skype with my boyfriend and family (yes every single day, preferably multiple times during the day. I like to keep in contact with my loved ones). Then, I’ll watch some ‘friends’ or have a hot shower or I’ll go to a friend if I still have the energy for that.

Who are you looking forward to seeing?

I can’t wait to see Caroline when I go to London, I feel like we will have a lot to talk about as usual. I also can’t wait to go home for a few nights this season. Nothing is better than sleeping in your own bed!

Which shows are you looking forward to?

I can’t wait for Céline this season. I’ve always loved this show and I have been part of it ever since I started which is amazing! Apart from that I love the clothes and purses so can’t wait for them to share their inspiration with us!

Go and chek her out!

The Metallic Skirt

‘Metallic’ is no longer a fashion crime, and I love it! The metallic skirt is my absolute favorite and definitely on my wish list for fall. But what to choose? They exist in so many colors and shapes!

The Golden One

How To Wear: With black and white or burgundy!

Faux Pas: Pastels!



luiquid assets

Other Colours

How To Wear: Keep it soft with white or grey.

DO!: A silver metallic skirt with a grey top or sweater.




The Long One

How To Wear: With a blouse or top tucked in.

Faux Pas: Metallic shoes, that’ll be too much! Keep it black, even a pair of biker boots will do the trick.





How To Wear: Beautiful with black, white and grey/green.

DO!: A black clutch!


club monaco


I’m in love with this colour and obsessed with copper accessories lately:

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Book: ‘Gewoon Joy’
Watch: Komono
Ring: Twice As Nice
Bracelet: H&M
Earrings: & other stories




I’m not really into soccer. I loved the enthusiasm of my friends and boyfriend during the World Cup a while ago, but that’s it. And then this happened:

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When there’s fashion involved, I’m fully focused! I ordered these T-shirts so we could support the Red Devils in style!


But Mais Qui Es-Tu has so much more to offer. Every sweater and T-shirt is handmade, no machines involved! They designed a collection for the whole family with different prints. On our wish list:

For the kids

Un maman a tort, € 30

For the boyfriend:

Navy, € 40

My boyfriend made me ‘wishlist’ this one as Adnan Januzaj plays for his favorite team Manchester United – ah them boys.

For us:

My absolute favorite! € 70

Mais Qui Es-Tu