I’m not really into soccer. I loved the enthusiasm of my friends and boyfriend during the World Cup a while ago, but that’s it. And then this happened:

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When there’s fashion involved, I’m fully focused! I ordered these T-shirts so we could support the Red Devils in style!


But Mais Qui Es-Tu has so much more to offer. Every sweater and T-shirt is handmade, no machines involved! They designed a collection for the whole family with different prints. On our wish list:

For the kids

Un maman a tort, € 30

For the boyfriend:

Navy, € 40

My boyfriend made me ‘wishlist’ this one as Adnan Januzaj plays for his favorite team Manchester United – ah them boys.

For us:

My absolute favorite! € 70

Mais Qui Es-Tu


5 Pieces A Month #CHALLENGE

I am a comfortshopper. Whenever I feel sad I go to the mall. But comfortshopping = impulsive shopping. I always end up with stuff I don’t really need. Waiting is the keyword here: I learned to be patient until I find the perfect item. When I feel bad nowadays I go for a run (I can run 45 minutes now, yayy me!). Another trick is my new ‘5 pieces a month’ challenge. Except for accessories and underwear, I can only buy five items each month. August was the first time I tried and here’s the result:

Laced shoes 

01 02
H&M, € 19,95, you can read about ‘em here

Basic Grey Tee

03 04
Scoop neck T-shirt, € 19, and other stories

Embroidered black blouse

05 06
C&A, € 19,99

Black sweater

07 08
Nümph sweater, € 50, read all about it here

My new raincoat

09 10
Raincoat, € 50, Pull and Bear


Let it rain!



Harper’s Bazaar

Big news in fashion magazine land (if such a land even exists)! Harper’s Bazaar relaunched its Dutch version of the magazine. They already tried this in 1986 but had to stop in 1990 because of low sales.


So the return of the ‘oldest fashion magazine’ (as they call themselves) to the Netherlands and Belgium is a welcome change.

Harper’s Bazaar is known for being a more classical and elite magazine, with more content than just pure fashion. In the course of their long history they cooperated with important writers, journalists and photographers (check out Richard Avedon!). 


Will this Dutch version be a success? I really hope so, with Vogue releasing a Dutch issue two years ago, we are now getting another iconic magazine. But to be honest the style they are going for seems not so realistic for us common people to afford. (There is a pair of earrings from Piaget for €69000 in this issue, no kidding). Don’t get me wrong, I love that they keep in line with the original Harper’s Bazaar and everything looks super classy, but somehow it seems a little over the top.


So, pretty to look at? YES, of course!

But, realistic? Not really…





“Spread the Fashion love” at Oostende (seaside)

Yesterday was probably the best night of my life (not kidding). I met the woman who inspires me to wear the things I really like (whether that’s your taste or not). She learned me to use my passion for fashion and not to be afraid to show it. Scrolling through Belmodo and her instagram makes me fall in love with fashion every single day.

The late night shopping

In Oostende my evening started with a late night shopping tour. Belmodo created a beautiful magazine with a map full of hotspots. Here are my favorites:

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Jansseune Interieur & Design

Cool design for the house, fashion books and the Missoni home collection. Need I say more?

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Because we all want those black March 23 sneakers (and the Patrizia Pepe bag, if possible).

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Good thing I took my boyfriend with me. Now I ended up buying only one piece (a perfect black Nümph sweater) instead of the whole store.




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The Party

This party was everything a fashionista needs: make-up, designers, great DJ’s and lovely (well dressed) people. Some highlights for me:

Doriane Van Overeem

Meeting this great designer and discovering her collection was a blast! Check out her work for Maison Minni Mouse, it’s great. And I need this sweater… like now!

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The backpack is… well euh BACK for a long time now, but the ones of Avalanche take this trend to the next level. I’m in love with the white one.

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Nele Berckmans

She was the winner of the Belmodo loves KASK 2014 award. Her designs are stunning! The colors, silhouettes and the fabrics… everything matches so naturally.

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It was a lovely evening. Being able to meet such a beautiful and classy woman as Tiany made me fall asleep with a big smile on my face –  I even woke up like this. And be sure to check out the work of Dirk Alexander because

1. he’s the best fashion photographer I know

2. he’s my hero now!

I was wearing:

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American Vintage dress
H&M jacket
Paul Smith bag
Chiara Ferragni shoes
The Darling necklace
Jutka en Riska earrings




About feminism and shopping

Yesterday me and my friend Lies (Go check her out on Other Friends) went to Brussels with a mission: discovering & Other Stories over there and visiting the expo ‘Woman’ at BOZAR.

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Unfortunately you need to cross Chanel and friends to get to & Other Stories (= drooling) but when you get there, the torture is worth it. I might love the building a little bit more compared with Antwerp. It reminded me a lot of the store in Paris.

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They have three (!) floors and a great collection

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On the wish list! Look at them heels!

0217479003_2_100011 0199203002_2_100011
Catch of the day. I’m into the right accessories lately!

Afterwards we visited the Expo ‘Woman. The feminist avant-garde of the 1970S’.

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I was mostly impressed by the work of Francesca Woodman. She started as an artist at the age of 13 and killed herself at the age of 22. She often uses the feminine body as subject of her photographs. In a fragile, sometimes rough way. I love the mysterious atmosphere of her work. She intrigues me as an artist and as a woman.




The whole exhibition reminded me a lot of #freethenipple, the popular hashtag on social media. In the USA it became illegal for women to be ‘caught topless’, even breastfeeding isn’t allowed anymore in public. Free The Nipple is a movement to empower women all over the world. Many models, Cara Delevingne & Suki Waterhouse on top, are supporting this case on Instagram.

Cara Delevingne isn’t afraid of showing some nipple. 

Suki Waterhouse instagramming her new bikini.

You can buy your T-shirt here if you.. euh.. want to free the nipple!